What is the origin protocol? Size of the protocol of origin

Many digital currencies arose as a result of Bitcoin’s success in the cryptocurrency market in the past. The following coins, if not born for a development purpose, are also thanks to the exceptional technology that helps them to be successful in this cryptocurrency market. One of the must-see companions is Origin Protocol. It has also received a lot of praise from the believers of the community. Like this What is the origin protocol? Looking for Origin Protocol Bonus? Let’s enter the following article to understand more.

A brief look at the Origin Protocol

Concept Protocol of origin (OGN)

Origin Protocol (OGN) is known for being an open source platform. It allows users whoever they are to create e-commerce applications and marketplaces or decentralized marketplaces.

The decentralized market here can be understood in a simple way and the fact that sellers and buyers transact directly with each other without going through third parties. It is different from current e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo,…. Buyers and sellers have to go through these e-commerce sites.

In addition to the decentralized market, you can also easily create electronic applications on Blockchain Origin.

Protocol of origin (OGNWhat problems does it solve?

Origin Protocol (OGN) was created with the aim of solving the problems it poses.

One of the great problems raised by Origin Protocol (OGN) is to solve the problem of unequal distribution between the parties. In the centralized market in particular, the intermediary often does not get what he is for the customer. When he receives the brokerage commission it is too high ranging from 15% to 30%. But in reality, it doesn’t take much effort to get such a high commission.

The second problem that the Origin Protocol (OGN) poses concerns data management. For the centralized market, the intermediary will receive centralized data from the customer. This has two problems, one is that the broker will use it for malicious purposes, the other is that it is easy for hackers to break into.

The third and equally important problem is that monopolies are gradually losing the momentum to innovate. When old experiences have gradually become obsolete, but in return they remain politely fixed in their current position. These monopolies have experience, but they do not have the innovative spirit that drives competition in the market.

Size of the protocol of origin

The Origin Protocol or OGN token is known to be the native token in the Origin Protocol ecosystem. OGN is a token developed in the form of ERC-20.

When participating in Origin Protocol, there are many ways to receive rewards. And the reward will usually be the new Origin Protocol token. Here are the ways you can earn rewards from Origin Protocol. You can consult and choose the methods that are right for you.

Become an app developer

One way to get a great OGN is to build broadcast apps. This is for those who need to promote their products, they will use your applications. And what you will get will be the commission paid in OGN by the seller.

When they use, your customers will benefit, as their products are more visible on electronic applications and decentralized markets.

Promote Origin on social networks

When Origin Protocol gets tremendous support from everyone, it will obviously get some benefits. And to drive this, Origin used the rewards incentive to encourage mutual benefits. By paying those who promote it on social networks, Origin Protocol will add or reward them with OGN tokens.

There are many people who use this form to receive Origin Protocol bonuses for their promotion. It will usually be more attractive when promoted by the organization.

Introducing new users

Origin Protocol currently has quite a few users. With a multilevel (positive meaning), Origin Protocol attracts new users. This makes their products more and more known and used by more and more people. Help them increase their sales.

In return, after receiving reports from old users, Origin Protocol will reward them with a new OGN. Usually the amount of OGN is not too large but not too low compared to the value they bring to Origin.

Verification of identity

In addition to referring new users for OGN rewards, you can also get rewards from Origin the easy way. By verifying your identity, you will receive an OGN token bonus.

Identity verification is not too difficult, it only takes a few simple steps but it needs accuracy, otherwise the verification will fail. Verification is intended to ensure the safety and data of the user. Often without verification, there will be some limitations to ensure security and transparency.

Just verify your identity, you will receive the corresponding OGN token. Just like referrals, this doesn’t take too much effort, so the bonus won’t be much, but it’s enough for the value you create.

Through staking

With staking you can also receive OGN rewards. Staking is known as the process by which participants will keep coins in their wallets to receive rewards in exchange for their contributions to activities on the blockchain network.

This is not an easy way to get OGN rewards. It is for those who know a lot and is usually done by a group of people, staking will happen more easily. But in return, the reward is good enough. Because it will get more value from your creation.


There are many ways to search for the OGN tokens I mentioned above. The above methods are extremely popular and diverse. Ranging from the simplest to the most complex, you can rely on your skills and need to choose bounty hunting methods for Origin Protocol.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and abilities

All of the above is an article where I give you a brief overview of the Origin Protocol and ways to get Origin Protocol bonuses or solve questions at the top of the article. I hope this article is useful for you. I wish you have successfully hunted the Origin Protocol bounty and reached the desired level. See you in the next article.