Best Crypto Tax Software 2022

 we examine the best software tools you can use to help with cryptocurrency tax preparation.

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TokenTax supports each crypto exchange and tax jurisdiction worldwide. It also provides tax reports, a tax-loss harvesting option, and margin trading taxes are also calculated.


Cryptotrader. tax offers various tools to help offset any tax losses you incur. On top of that, it provides free previews of tax reports, international support.


ZenLedger is the best for complete rookies, as it fills out forms quickly. It’s also excellent for tracking trades, tax savings, and calculating profits/losses.

Cointracker offers fast monitoring and information updates and tracks your investments as a portfolio manager.


Koinly utilizes international crypto tracking services and has comprehensive support in more than 20 countries.


Bear. Tax has a dedicated section for accountants who handle crypto taxes on behalf of clients, making it a fund manager’s platform, too.


TaxBit is the dominant provider of 1099 forms, while its widely popular backers include PayPal, Coinbase Ventures, and Winklevoss Capital.

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