Top 3 Secure ChainLink (LINK) Storage Wallets

The presence of ChainLink or LINK coins in the cryptocurrency market must have created a new development. With technological prominence, accompanied by valuable discoveries. The LINK coin promises to create value for the DeFi community in particular and for the cryptocurrency market in general. So what is ChainLink? Born to solve what problems? What are ChainLink (LINK) storage wallets? Let’s find out more details through the following article.

What is ChainLink?

ChainLink is considered to be the pioneering Blockchain platform in the oracle type. ChainLink can be understood as a bridge, it allows users to obtain information from the outside and transmit it on-chain on the Blockchain platform.

ChainLink provides decentralized Oracle service, ChainLink supports many protocols of other platforms so that they can access the data system.

ChainLink coin or LINK coin is a cryptocurrency or a type of token. LINK is developed on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain platform. It is developed according to the ERC-20 standard.

ChainLink was born to solve what problem?

In 2015, the birth of Ethereum created a notable technological breakthrough. It helps the Blockchain system to overcome previous limitations, especially from Bitcoin. Ethereum takes the Blockchain further with its limitation that it can only provide financial services to its users. This is demonstrated by what we will see in 2020.

One of the highlights of Ethereum is the provision of smart contracts – smart contracts for Blockchain technology. However, during its development, problems arose.

The biggest problem it has to solve is the inability to manage data outside the Blockchain. It’s because these Ethereum-based smart contracts lack a bridge. Restrict your ability to provide users with protection against tampering or globally distributed applications.

ChainLink (LINK) storage wallets.

Token LINK is developed according to the ERC-20 standard, that’s why you can keep it in wallets that support ERC-20. Here, I would like to introduce you to the 3 best ChainLink (LINK) storage wallets that are loved and trusted by users.


ImToken is known as a mobile e-wallet. It is considered safe enough for users and was developed to store ERC-20 coins. Also, ImToken has developed version 2.0 which supports BTC and a few others. Furthermore, ImToken has also been developed a decentralized exchange, a decentralized exchange with smart contracts.

ImToken security

A password is always the first choice for account security. ImToken not only supports regular passwords, it also supports biometric passwords. Specifically, users can use fingerprints or FaceID to replace normal passwords.

The ImToken wallet does not exist KYC, so you can trust that your wallet is completely safe.

One problem, however, is that the ImToken wallet is closed source. Therefore, you will not be able to check if your private keys are fully synchronized with the wallet only.

How to create an ImToken wallet

Creating an ImToken wallet isn’t too complicated. Here, I’ll show you how to create an ImToken wallet in 5 easy steps, so you can store your LINK here.

Step 1: Download the app on your phone and create an identity

You can download ImToken on CH Play or the iOS app. After the download is complete, click Create identity as simulation to create an identity.

Step 2: Confirm the terms

Each wallet has its own set of terms. The ImToken wallet also has its terms.

After step 1 you will see a series of its terms. After reading carefully, click on I have read and accept the Terms of Service and the cookie description (which means that you have read and accepted its terms). Then, click Confirm to confirm.

Check the box and click confirm

Step 3: Provide information

The system will ask you to enter some of your information, including your name and password. You can see it in the photo below.

Enter your username and password in the correct box

Step 4: backup

You will then receive a set of 12 keywords. You can back up now or later. A note that if someone owns them they may also own your wallet, so please protect this code carefully.

Step 5: Confirm the keyword

The last step is to confirm the correct order from 1 to 12 as the above 12 keyword code to complete the creation of the ImToken wallet. An advantage for ImToken is that you will receive instructions from A to Z on how to use the wallet after creating the wallet.

Save these words in the correct order to confirm the keywords after clicking confirm backup

Portfolio of trust

The second portfolio that I want to present to you is the trust portfolio.

Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet, you can easily control it only via a phone.

Trust Wallet supports a wide range of popular coins today and most of the major blockchains in the Ethereum ecosystem. And of course it also supports LINK tokens.

Trusted security wallet

The fact that you can easily control your money anytime, anywhere is a security worth mentioning when you are fully withholding it. You can store your LINK coins in full without going through anyone.

Since these are decentralized wallets, you are in full control of them. And if your private key is secure, obviously your wallet will be safe.

One point to mention about users’ interests is being insured by Binance. When any hack other than yours occurs, Binance will be responsible for ensuring it.

How to create a Trust Wallet

How to create a Trust Wallet can be called similarly to how to create an ImToken wallet. Here I will guide you how to create a Trust Wallet with illustrations for easy understanding. And securely store LINK coins in Trust Wallet.

Step 1: Download and create an account

The first step is to download the wallet application to your phone via CH Play or the iOS app. Unlike other wallets, Trust Wallet is installed in Vietnamese, so it can be easily installed for anyone who has difficulty with English.

Then, click Create New Wallet to create a new wallet for you, as shown below.

Step 2: Confirm the terms

Like the ImToken wallet, the Trust Wallet also has terms that you need to read and confirm with them.

Check the box as shown and press continue

Step 3: Confirm the backup

Backup is considered an extremely important step. Because it helps you secure your wallet or restore it to another device when needed.

This step you need to click on the box with the words “I understand that if I lose my recovery sentence, I will not be able to access my wallet”. Then press Keep it going to go to the next step.

Step 4: backup

Next you need to make notes in order of 12 sentences on paper to memorize them. A note that limits screen capture to absolutely protect your wallet.

You must enter these key phrases in order from 1 to 12 to confirm.

If you enter the wrong order, you can re-enter it, that’s okay.

If you’ve completed this step, you’ve finished creating a Trust Wallet. You know that Trust Wallet is currently on the market trusted by many users thanks to the downloads and the amount of coins stored and traded on this Trust Wallet. That’s why you can securely store LINK in your wallet.


The next wallet I want to introduce to you is the MyEtherWallet wallet.

MyEtherWallet is a wallet that supports users to store ETH coins and ERC-20 tokens That’s why you can store LINK here.

The MyEtherWallet wallet is considered to be the most used ETH coin storage wallet today.

MyEtherWallet security

Your private key will be stored by you and not on the server system. Therefore, you can have full control of your resources without worrying if you don’t disclose your private key to others.

A unique point is that if one day MyEtherWallet goes down, you can still access your wallet via another similar platform. They give you more security to host your LINK.

How to create a MyEtherWallet

A little different from the two previous wallets, the way to create MyEtherWallet isn’t too complicated. I will show you how to create them through the following short steps, so that you can keep your LINK coins.

Step 1: Go to the website to create a wallet

Unlike the wallets above, users need to visit the website in order to create a MyEtherWallet wallet, not via CH Play or the iOS app.

You can go to this link to create a wallet. You can change Vietnamese through the website tools.

After logging in to the link above, enter the password you want to enter and click Next. In addition, you can save the web page to facilitate the next visit.

Enter the password, then press Next

Step 2: Download the Keystore file to your device

The next step is to download the Keystore file to your device in order to access your wallet. By clicking Download the keystore file then click Access my portfolio.

Download the keystore file to your device

Step 3: backup

The characters in order are the private key. You saved it to your computer because you downloaded the keystore file in step 2. Also, remember that it shouldn’t fall into the hands of others or your property will be unsafe.

After completing this step, you have created a MyEtherWallet wallet. It’s not too complicated, is it?

All of the above is the information I share with you on ChainLink (LINK), as well as solving questions at the beginning of the article. Surely through this article you too have found a wallet suitable for your needs to safely store LINK, right? I always wish you success in life and see you in the next article.