Methods to earn free Ethereum

In order to meet people’s needs, Ethereum was born to play a liaison role to help people easily exchange money through intermediaries. As one of the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is widely believed and used today. Known a lot and the number of transaction users is also a lot, but not everyone knows how to hunt Ethereum for free. In this article, I will tell you how to find Ethereum easily and widely used today. Ways to help you hunt Ethereum without spending money to buy, but spending some time each day to get a treasure trove of coins.

A brief look at Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

If you already know Bitcoin, then it is quite easy to understand Ethereum. When it comes to Ethereum, there are two problems mentioned, one is Ethereum in general and Ethereum in particular, so specifically, let’s find out.

Ethereum is known as a software platform developed on the basis of Blockchain technology. They enable the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications to meet people’s needs to easily trade, pay or invest their digital assets without the hassle of intermediaries or censors.

Another concept is about Ethereum or ETH or Ether. Strictly speaking, Ethereum is defined as virtual money or money encoded in numbers through the digital or Ethereum platform. Users can use it simply, quickly and extremely safely. In other words, Ethereum is like a digital asset of the holder, when you convert real money into numbers that are stored in Ethereum.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world

Ways to invest in Ethereum

If you are a person who already owns an Ethereum account, you probably know the ways to invest to earn Ethereum which I will tell you below. These are the only ways for accounts that already have money and a certain amount.

Buy cheap – sell high

The first way that cannot be ignored is how the best speculators make money. Simply put, speculation is simply buying low and selling high. In this way it takes money and a certain waiting time to be able to make a profit. An important key here is that you need to know when to invest, because speculation is not something everyone can do, but it also depends on your ability to evaluate the market and leverage the information.

Traditional way to invest in ETH

ETH rental

The second way to tell you is to rent ETH, which is a passive source of income. As long as you have Ether available in your account, you can rent your coins if the smart contract is agreed upon at an interest rate that both of you are happy with. This makes it easy enough to find the profit, isn’t it?

Invest in new projects or companies

There are projects or startups that require initial capital contribution, if you have faith in projects like this you can use your ETH to exchange their other valuable currency, When the project is implemented strongly, the coins also increase in value and you can find a source of income by selling the property you own the difference is your profit. .

Invest in new projects or companies in the form of an ICO

How to earn free Ethereum

Above is basic Ethereum information that I have provided to help you understand Ethereum better. Here, I would like to go directly to the title of the article and tell you the most commonly used ways to hunt Ethereum for free. But first of all I want to clearly say the following, not the following ways are you will only receive money, but at the same time you have to put some work into it, because nothing is for nothing, right? . That said, these jobs are also quite delicate, don’t be too lazy. Consider the ways that suit your abilities and desires and choose the appropriate ones.

1. Make money with the Ethereum tap

There are many other ways to call this way of making money, but here I would like to call it an Ethereum faucet. This is a method of making money – go to a website and create an account, then do a few things from this website and receive money when you hit the minimum.

Earn money with the Ethereum tap

Get Ethereum for free by watching ads

Sounds like an easy enough job, right? When websites use advertising to make money, they expect to receive more interactions so that their ad views increase and their revenue as well. And so they create jobs that you can easily do and earn ETH.

By simply clicking on ads every day on reputable and quality advertising sites, you can easily earn extra income. And when it is allowed to withdraw the minimum amount of ETH, you will be able to withdraw quickly.

Visit the websites to get free ETH

To receive free ETH, there is a rather tricky way to visit the websites that allow you to receive free ETH. There are many websites that allow this, but in return you have to perform a simple task they require. Simply put, you have received a certain amount of suggested coins in advance. But this amount of coins is not a lot, it is just enough to use and practice your initial investment.

Earn money by dialing the winning numbers

With each quadrant, you will receive a small amount of ETH depending on your luck and the highest salary will be up to 1.15 ETH. Every hour you can dial this winning number and easily receive money this way, so why not do it right now to look for any bonus.

2. Refer a friend

For every new app or program that is launched, the owner wants it to become popular and grow, right? The same goes for Ethereum, the desire for them to become familiar in people’s lives will never stop, so a popular and appropriate means of helping them come true quickly is introduction.

Referring Ethereum to your friends is a job that helps you search for ETH in an easy and completely free way that the systems pay you. This is also a popular method that people like to use to earn a large amount of ETH.

3. Become a content writer

This is more precisely a job to get Ethereum without spending any money, instead what you have to put in exchange for them is the effort. Specifically, the effort here is the knowledge you understand about Ethereum. Ethereum is also quite popular information today, it is quite easy to learn and capture, because it is inherently born to serve people everywhere, right?

If you have an understanding of Ethereum and the ability to write clearly and understandably, then this job is quite for you.

Become a CTV for Ethereum or virtual currency websites. Or creating your own website is also a good idea. Not only being able to provide information to those who need it, but also having extra income is truly amazing.

Content is also a popular job for earning ETH

Above are 3 ways I tell you how to earn free Ethereum. There is nothing more satisfying than making free money, without any capital, without fear of risk, but surely there will be money back. Over time, that amount of money will also become a large amount of money. Or, to get more money quickly, you can use the popular money investing methods that I mentioned right next to this article. However, you also need to be wary of scam sites, as Ethereum also has loopholes that scammers are constantly looking for to find ways to steal other people’s assets. Instead, carefully choose the suitable website to earn or invest ETH. Hope this article helps you choose how to earn free Ethereum and wishes you success in hunting ETH a lot and safely.