Electronic wallets that store Aave crypto (LEND)

The DeFi Aavee protocol is one of the outstanding products of recent times. Its LEND coin is illustrious with a record 14 times the return on the ICO price. Sure, LEND has become a familiar token to the cryptocurrency community in general and DeFi in particular. So what is Aave? Aave Crypto Storage Wallets (LEND)? Let’s learn about the above problems through the following article.

What is Aave?

Aave is known as the protocol, which provides users with a decentralized lending service called DeFi Lending. Aave users can lend and borrow various cryptocurrencies. Through stablecoins or different cryptocurrencies, with respective interest rates.

If you are familiar with the Compound protocol, it will be easier for you to understand Aave. Since their characteristics are almost similar. However, Aave still has its great features through new features to support users from loans, which we will explore shortly.

Highlights owned by Aave

In addition to other protocol-like features, Aave has strong advantages that attract users to participate. So what are these benefits, let’s find out below.

Smart contract insurance

Aave not only stands out for its immense liquidity, but also offers a feature that protects users from smart contract insurance: the Nexus Mutual smart contract.

This type of contract helps Aave users avoid the risks that arise in DeFi, especially helping to protect their assets. Risks can be cited as errors in the contract, settlement errors, etc.

Flash loan without guarantees

Unlike the loan features of other protocols, in addition to paying interest, the borrower must mortgage his property to be approved for a loan. Aave offers users an extremely great product, which is Flash Loan with no guarantees.

Aave does not require the user to provide a guarantee. It is enough to rely on the repayment period of the borrower as long as repayment is possible with the same block generated. With the above conditions, the loans will be accepted. Conversely, if the borrower does not repay the same block, the remaining transactions will be canceled immediately.

With Flash Loans, Aave only takes 0.03% as a commission, with this commission, users don’t have to spend too much money to make a loan from the Aave protocol, right? Furthermore, unsecured loans also create an opportunity for users to conduct arbitrage transactions in a safe and highly secure manner.

Flexible interest rates

Not only does Aave maintain a stable interest rate, it also uses a flexible interest rate. This is to create different conditions for users of this protocol. This is considered to be one of the outstanding benefits Aave offers to users, compared to many other protocols that only have a fixed interest rate.


Aave creates many conditions for users. As I said above, providing flash loans to users is one of Aave’s great advantages. Other than that, it still offers mortgage loans like other protocols. But what stands out here is the diversification of collateral assets that radically facilitate user adoption.

Notably, in addition to popular coins, Aave also actively supports by allowing users to take borrowed positions on commission tokens. These can be mentioned as TokenSet or Uniswap LP tokens.

Learn more about LOAN

LEND is known as the ETHLend token. With ETHLend being the precursor to the Aave protocol. It is known that LEND is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform.

By holding LEND, users receive many significant benefits such as cost reduction or loan rate stabilization or receiving rewards by staking, etc. However, as Aave has replaced ETHLend, the LEND token is being improved with the aim of giving the platform administrator rights.

Electronic wallets that store aave crypto (LEND)

As predicted above, LEND is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. Therefore, LEND can be stored in wallets that support this standard.

Portfolios to exchanges

You can open wallets in exchanges, which allow and currently trade LEND tokens.

Exchanges currently trading LEND tokens can be mentioned as Binance, Gate.io, Kyber … Among the above exchanges, LEND has the highest number of transactions on 2 exchanges Binance and Gate.io.

If you are a person who regularly exchanges tokens, opening a wallet to exchange is very suitable. Because here you can easily store LEND directly in the e-wallet of the exchange.

Hardware wallet

You should keep LEND in a hardware or software wallet when you are an investor who does not need to buy and sell coins often or have been an investor for a long time.

Here are some hardware wallets that can safely store LEND, which I’ll introduce to you shortly.

Ledger Nano

The first type of hardware wallet that can be mentioned is the Ledger Nano. Ledger Nano is a highly regarded hardware wallet, as evidenced by the fact that it is the best-selling hardware wallet in the world. It can store many important and popular coins today, one of which is LEND.

If you are an investor who wants to keep your money safe, you can use Ledger Nano with confidence. It is classified as a wallet that securely protects stored cryptocurrencies.


Another type of hardware wallet that can be mentioned is Tresor. It is known that Tresor is a compact and extremely secure hardware wallet for the cryptocurrencies stored in it. One of its favorite points is its compact design as a key, which allows it to be connected to a computer via USB.

Like Ledger Nano, today it holds many popular coins and among them is the LEND token.

Soft wallet


MyEtherWallet allows you to store ERC20 tokens and of course also supports LEND. With its outstanding design and features. MyEtherWallet is considered to be the most commonly used soft wallet today.

When you use MyEtherWallet, you have all rights to use and manage your tokens without going through its management.


Through browsers such as Chrome or Firefox it is possible to use this extension of the Metamask e-wallet.

With many outstanding features of this wallet, flexible support for users. Its features can be mentioned as: intuitive user interface, HD wallet (HD wallet), ERC-20 token addition, etc.


As a Binance product, TrustWallet helps users allow them to store today’s popular cryptocurrency easily and conveniently.

Furthermore, thanks to the extraordinary functionality that TrustWallet integrates with a web browser, users can access Dapps applications over the Internet in a continuous and extremely secure way.

Not only can these wallets be used to securely store their cryptocurrency, but users can take advantage of the outstanding features it provides to fully support their needs.

All of the above is an article where I have provided you with information about Aave, LEND protocols, and information about aave crypto storage (LEND) e-wallets. We hope that through this article you can understand more about Aave LEND and find the right wallet for your needs to safely store LEND.