Let’s find out what Airdrop & Bounty Coin is?

There is a wave of Airdrop & Bounty Coin in the Crypto community recently. It can be understood simply that, when participating in the Airdrop & Bounty Coin, players only need to do a few tasks to receive free tokens. So specifically Airdrop & Bounty Coin there already? Is it easy to do the assigned tasks? Let’s go to the following article to find out more details.

Airdrop & Bounty Coin there already?

Airdrop & Bounty Coin are intended as advertising programs or more precisely, a marketing strategy to help the token or coin ICO project to be more strongly known by the community. Instead, attendees will receive free tokens to support these strategies. Specifically like each strategy, let’s go directly to the following section.

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop can be understood in the Vietnamese sense as a fall from the sky. But when it translates into the electronic marketplace, it can be understood that money or tokens will “fall” into users’ wallets when they make requests. Specifically, the requirements are to create or register an account and introduce people who do not have an account to register an account for the tokens prepared for the ICO project. In return, the referrer will receive a free token, which is considered merit for promoting the image of these tokens closer to the community. This is considered a form of multilevel (positive meaning) to help build a reputation more quickly.

As a token hunter from these Airdrops, you can earn up to hundreds of USD. A small advantage that they pay you when you promote the ICO project.

Learn more about What is Bounty?

Bounty is translated as bounty hunting. In the electronic market, Bounty can be understood as the implementation by the user of the assigned tasks in exchange for the corresponding bonus, which is the currency. The Bounty strategy is similar to the Airdrop that many “baby” coins use to grow faster.

The requirements that Bounty often requires users to fulfill can be cited as signing up on Bitcointalk or following the Telegram channel, perhaps writing an introduction to the project on a blog, a medium or a request to be published on Facebook; Publish, follow on Linkedin, … and many other activities, from the simplest to the most complex questions.

Or activities / requirements that require participants to take seriously and like and share 3 to 5 of their posts per week, if they share a lot, they will achieve a lot; or join their Telegram channel … and many other requests to participate in this Bounty strategy.

Things to prepare to participate in the Airdrop & Bounty Coin strategy

  1. The first is to prepare a wallet that supports ERC-20 standard coins to receive bonus coins, namely the Myetherwallet or MetaMask wallet. Or it can be many other wallets to match the bonus coin / token, but usually the two wallets above.
  2. Also, you need to set up an account on Bitcointalk
  3. The next is a personal Facebook account, it must have more than 200 friends to ensure this is not a virtual nick and the amount of interaction is large enough.
  4. The next is a personal Twitter account, it must have more than 200 friends to ensure this is not a virtual nick and the amount of interaction is large enough.
  5. Have a Telegram account and have the app installed on your device.
  6. Finally, some emails, these are emails you don’t use often.

A note that when participating in the Airdrop & Bounty Coin you need to consider and select the really potential projects to receive higher rewards. Normally, not all Airdrop & Bounty Coin projects will receive bonus coins / tokens. So you have to be careful and selective.

How to find projects from Airdrop & Bounty Coin

Information on the Airdrop and Bounty Coin strategy is everywhere. But not all places are completely accurate. It is possible that for private interests the information is distorted. Therefore, if you are looking for information and don’t let your efforts go to waste, be careful in your search.

How to find information on the Airdrop strategy

In the current 4.0 era, news spread widely and extremely quickly. Wherever the electronic market is seen as a topic of discussion, airdrops are sure to be mentioned frequently.

Social sites like Facebook, Telegram, Discord or Reddit channels, Bitcointalk, etc. will be the place to find information about Airdrop. Furthermore, the website created with the purpose of providing Airdrop information to everyone is also a great place to get information quickly. Such sites like Airdropalert, Airdropaddict, ICOdrops, Coinairdrops, …

How to find information on the Bounty strategy

There is a quick and easy way to find information about Bounty through the Bitcointalk forum channel. Also, you can search for ICO projects from Bounty through the Bountyhive website system. You can completely trust the information you get from this site. Because this is a system with the function of connecting a completely reputable ICO project with many participants. In particular, it also ensures that participants always receive coins / tokens after making requests.

One question that always arises is whether Airdrops and Bounty Coins are scams or scams. The answer is still there. What you will lose here is the effort. Specifically, when you get cheated, you will also receive tokens or coins for your efforts. But in return these coins / tokens have absolutely no value due to bogus blueprints.

To conclude

Through this article, you must have answered the question of what is Airdrop & Bounty Coin, right? As you can see, there are many different ways to request attendees from Airdrop & Bounty Coin to get free tokens / coins. But there are also potential scammers. So please be careful. I hope this article was helpful to you. Wish you to get many tokens / coins from Airdrop and Bounty Coin. See you in the next post.