A tsunami advisory has been issued for the US West Coast and Alaska

Tsunami Advisory

A Tsunami Advisory is a warning issued to the public by emergency authorities of approaching or expecting tsunami waves. The advisory should contain sufficient information for people at risk to take appropriate action, such as moving to higher ground or evacuating certain areas.

Tsunami advisory for West Coast as National Weather Service urges ‘move off the beach’

A tsunami advisory has been issued for Hawaii and parts of the U.S. after an undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga. Issued * Origin Time * Mag Depth Lat Lon Location 01‑13‑2022 01:52:12 01‑13‑2022 01:46:01 5 35 Mi 51.1° N 180° W 55 miles SE of A… 01‑12‑2022 12:46:58 01‑12‑2022 12:42:16 4.1 74 Mi 60.2° N 153.3° W 60 miles NE of Ili… 01‑12‑2022 01:53:49 01‑12‑2022 01:48:03 5.3 83 Mi 51.9° N 178.1° E 45 miles NW of.

A tsunami has hit Tonga’s largest island, Tongatapu, and reportedly sent waves flooding into the capital after an underwater volcano in the South Pacific exploded in a violent eruption on Saturday, sending a cloud of ash and gas steam into the air.

The National Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami advisory that is in effect for the entire West Coast and Alaska in the wake of an undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga.

Nearly all coastal areas in California, Oregon, Washington, Southeast Alaska, South Alaska, the Alaskan Peninsula, and the Aleutian Islands are under a tsunami advisory. British Columbia is also under advisory.

A tsunami advisory means that a tsunami could produce strong currents or waves near the coastline. However, a tsunami advisory does not indicate a major tsunami event where water is actively entering coastal communities. In this circumstance, the tsunami is only dangerous to those in the water, or on the immediate beach — like swimmers and boaters.

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ABC News’ Daniel Manzo contributed to this report.
Editor’s note: This story’s headline has been updated to report that a tsunami advisory, not a warning, was issued.

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